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Backlinks are hyperlinks leading from one website to another website. In most cases, a backlink acts as a “stamp of approval” that directs online traffic to another relevant source offering helpful information. Building permanent backlinks for sites boosts their SEO and organic search ranking.

A link-building strategy is crucial for all businesses because it indicates to search engines that their content has merit and adds value to those who visit the website. One of the main ways to gain backlinks is by doing manual outreach to credible and relevant sites for your clients. Today’s discussion will focus on different approaches to manual outreach link building and why it is an integral part of any marketing strategy.

What is Guest Post Manual Outreach

A guest post entails coming up with a pitch and sending it to a particular site or publisher, giving them the final decision about whether they will post it or not. Guest posts were made for backlinks, an effective white hat link-building tool. While it may take weeks to get a response about a guest post proposal, you never know who will accept the offer.

The Manual Outreach Process

There are several steps in the manual outreach process, starting with our link-building team. They analyze a given website for target keywords. Next, they compare where the site falls among the top competitors within the same niche. Our experts then hand-select the best sites they want to contact to start building a permanent backlink profile.

The next step is all about brainstorming. We develop the most relevant topics and article titles that will add value to the site and its target audience. Finally, we create an outline and a list of keywords to send to our content writing team. Then, they create original guest post content for your clients. Once the content is written, we send it to our editing team to polish it up.

Finally, our link-building team takes it from there to do outreach to get the prospective guest post out into the world. Along the way, we will follow up and report back to you about which sites have shown interest and who ended up accepting the guest post request.

How Can Manual Outreach Link Building Improve SEO?

Manual outreach link building naturally grows any site’s online presence as long as it is done correctly. This is because other sites that link directly to your client’s website help drive traffic and bring brand awareness to their target audience. You can start to see a difference in your SERP statistics in about half a year.

The more backlinks your professional manual backlinks service successfully obtains, the better off you and your clients will be in the long run. White hat link-building is more like a marathon than a sprint, so keep in mind that it takes time to get the ball rolling when doing manual outreach link-building.


Manual outreach link building, while time-consuming, is one of the most tried-and-true backlink-building processes. When given the proper parameters and diligently searching out the best sites to publish guest posts, it will increase the number of white hat backlinks for a given site over time.

Do yourself and your clients a favor and call on a link-building expert to help you navigate this process. Link building is one of the services we offer at Longtail Dragon, and you can count on us to be your link-building outreach agency. Contact our team of experts and partner with us for all your backlink-building needs.

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