Many agency clients want SEO services, but agencies need to avoid spreading themselves too thin.

Longtail Dragon offers white label SEO services to enable you to sell and deliver on professional SEO accounts under your brand without the time, energy, and monetary investment necessary to build out your own SEO team.

It’s free money!


We’ll produce and distribute monthly reports for each of your clients highlighting what has been done throughout the month and the results that have been achieved.

Take a look at a sample report.


We’ll meet with each client once a month to check in with them, address concerns, and adjust the strategy as needed.


Step 1: Fix Technical Errors and Toxic Backlinks

We’ll perform a technical audit of your client’s website to identify any errors that are preventing Google from crawling it. We’ll continue to monitor your client’s site health and new errors that arise.

We’ll also analyze your client’s backlink profile and disavow any backlinks that could be harming their authority in Google’s eyes.

Step 2: Keyword Research

Identifying relevant search queries is the cornerstone of an effective SEO campaign. More specifically, we will identify a large number of “longtail” keywords, which are low-competition search terms that your client can rank for quickly. Targeting longtail keywords is the fastest way to drive organic search volume.

Over time, we’ll move to capture broader, higher-volume search terms as well.

Step 3: Competitive Analysis

Once we’ve identified the campaign’s target keywords, we’ll analyze the webpages ranking on the first page for each of those keywords. The data we glean from those competing pages will drive the content creation and backlink strategy throughout the campaign.

Step 4: Content Creation

Quality content is vital to the success of an SEO campaign. We’ll increase your client’s site’s relevance for their target keywords, improve their internal linking structure, and generate original relevant content with blog posts and pillar pages.

Step 5: Earning Backlinks

Links from other sites are a key indicator of your client’s authority. We’ll create content that links to their important pages and pitch it to relevant websites. We’ll also look for unlinked brand mentions and broken links that can be pointed to their pages.

Step 6: Local SEO

Ranking locally for important keywords involves claiming and verifying your client’s Google My Business listing, creating and correcting local business directory listings, and optimizing their target pages for local keywords.

Step 7: Report Results

We’ll review and report your client’s keyword rankings and organic search traffic growth monthly and adjust our strategy as necessary. Your account manager will keep in close contact with you and your client to answer any questions or address any concerns as they arise. View a sample report.